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Don’t have an unlimited data plan and want more? Freeway Overpass takes you from high-and-dry to bingeable by providing unlimited access to the world’s most popular video, music, games, social media apps and more!

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I’m tapped out on a 2GB. My head bobbing is back in the commute with Overpass.

– Madison the Music Maven

My video appetite chews up my parents 3 GB plan. I found harmony with Overpass!

– Victor the Video Viewing Student

I jumped the data wall and stay up late for viral videos with Overpass!

– Oscar the Data Hungry Overcharger

My family data pool runs dry and the leaderboard beckons. It’s game on with a 1-Up Overpass!

– Grayson the Gaming Guru

My social life takes a data toll. I boosted my followers with Overpass!

– Sarah Sophomore the Social Media Star

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What is Overpass?

Freeway Overpass is a flexible way to save money with unlimited data for the apps you use most often. Overpass provides free trials, sponsored offers, and one time or recurring unlimited data offers for single apps or bundles of apps.

Do Overpass offers include support for web browsers

Overpass offers do not currently support web browsers.

Overpass supports the complete app experience. For example, if you purchase a Facebook Overpass offer and open the Facebook app, all of the data used to deliver the Facebook experience is covered by Overpass. By contrast, if you open a browser and navigate to the URL, the Overpass offer does not provide coverage.

How can I get Overpass?

Overpass offers are available through the Freeway app.

Overpass is only available in the United States at this time. Simply download the Freeway app from on the App Store or on Google Play, install, register and you’ll have access to Overpass offers!

To use Freeway Overpass you’ll need

  • A smartphone running Android 4.1 or later, or an iPhone running iOS 10 or later
  • Supported operators
  • Some minimum amount of cellular data (e.g. 1GB or more)

If your carrier doesn’t support Overpass yet, give them a call and tell them, “I want Freeway Overpass!” We’re working to bring Overpass to more operators in the near future and it helps for operators to hear the customer demand!

What apps does Overpass support?

Freeway Overpass supports a wide range of video, music, games, social apps and more. New individual app and bundle offers are happening all the time. Check out Freeway to see what’s available today.

If you don’t see the app you’re looking for give us a shout by opening Freeway, selecting the gear icon, and choose, “Request offer for an App.” Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Do Overpass subscriptions substitute for in-app premium purchases?

No, Freeway Overpass provides unlimited data for apps. Any in-app purchases, such as subscriptions, premium content, or access to paid content must be purchased through the app. For example, if you want premium content access to a video or music service you must purchase those services through the video or music app. Overpass will then provide unlimited data to access that premium content.

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